Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Am I the only one that, when you're with one of your friends alone, you're the only person they pay attention to? But when another one of their friends are there, they don't even notice you. It's very irritating because just because someone else is there, they both can at least make an effort to notice you. ESPECIALLY when you're hanging out with them or you're at their house like HELLO I'M RIGHT HERE AND I WANT YOU TO TALK TO ME! Does anyone else encounter this issue with anyone because this has happened to me many times this week and it's starting to become a problem. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hello :)

Hello everyone. I'm just making this first blog to talk a little about myself. So, first of all, I made this blog to mainly talk about situations in high school. We all have trouble with things in high school and I would like talk about them a lot in the future. I also want to talk about things that happen in my life and I hope to not offend ANYONE with my posts and I want to be unbiased. For the main part, I want to be real.

My name is Dan. I like a lot of things but for the most part, I like music, tv, and technology. My favorite artists are Drake and Nicki Minaj and I stand by that. I watch probably 3 main tv channels and they are ABC Family, MTV, and Nickelodeon. I like The X Factor, Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf, and Jersey Shore. And again, I stand by that. I am a very open person and I have always stuck by the things I like no matter what people say. I have a lot of friends but probably 2 best friends and their names are Kaci and Jaycie. I love them and would never trade them for anything. I am single and straight and I always act myself around people. Well most of the time at least. I am very honest and I stick up for myself. I do use explicit language often but I will try to tone it down.

That is basically it and I will blog often about things that happen in my life and things I want to talk about. See you soon. :)